Treatment of heart disease

In order to control the symptoms of heart disease, where there are types of treatments for people with these diseases, vary depending on the disease itself, and prescribed under medical supervision, and follow-up period from the specialist doctor.

What is the treatment of heart patients?

With different heart diseases, there are several drugs through which heart patients can be treated, namely:


The most important drugs are anticoagulants, which work to prevent the formation of clots in the blood vessels, as prescribed to prevent a stroke.

Anticoagulants include Rivaroxaban, Dabigatran, Apixaban, Heparin, and Warfarin.

Treatment of heart disease

Antiplatelet aggregation

These drugs work to prevent the adhesion of platelets, so as not to be a blood clot, so prevent blood clotting, as prescribed to heart disease suffering from heart attacks, angina, strokes, and other heart diseases.

They include aspirin, Clopidogrel, Dipyridamole, Prasugrel, and Ticagrelor.

ACE inhibitors

These inhibitors allow faster blood flow, improve cardiovascular function, and treat heart failure and high blood pressure.

These include Captopril, Enalapril, Fosinopril, Lisinopril, Pernidopril, Ramipril, and Ramipril. ).

Heart disease

Angiotensin II receptor antagonists

These antagonists help prevent the effects of angiotensin II on the heart and blood vessels, treat high blood pressure and heart failure, and improve cardiovascular function.

These include Candesartan, Eprosartan, Irbesartan, Losartan, Telmisartan, and Valsartan.

Beta receptors

These drugs reduce heart rates and lower blood pressure, so they are very important in the treatment of high pressure, and address chest pain and angina and heart attacks and reduce in the future.

These include Atenolol, Betaxolol, Bisoprolol, Metoprolol, and Propranolol.

Calcium channel blockers

These blockers block calcium from entering the cardiovascular cells, which reduces blood pressure and relaxes blood vessels. This treatment is used in hypertension, angina, and irregular heartbeat.

These include amlodipine, diltiazem, felodipine, nifedipine, nimodipine, and verapamil.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs

These drugs lower blood cholesterol, including Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin, Ezetimibe, and Simvastatin.

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