Benefits of bananas for children of different ages

Bananas are among the most favorite fruits of most children of all ages.

This is good because the benefits of bananas for children are staggering and most notably that it is an important health source to provide them with sugars and provide them with a large number of nutrients necessary to support their growth and enhance their ability to carry out the unlimited activities they wish to do As an essential part of their way of discovering life.

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Benefits of bananas for children

Helps control blood sugar
This is because it contains pectin and digestion-resistant starch in addition to not belonging to foods with a high glycemic index. Here, it should be noted that you should consult the doctor treating children before the introduction of them, in case they develop type II diabetes.

Supports the ability to control weight

Although high in calories and rich in sugars, it is a healthy alternative to desserts and snacks. It is also abundant in many important nutrients that support children’s ability to exercise their daily activities, especially requiring a relatively large effort such as sports.

Improves gastrointestinal health

By contributing to the satisfaction of the body’s need for fiber, many types of research have shown its effectiveness in supporting the ability of the digestive cells to perform their vital functions in addition to reducing the risk of many bowel disorders due to the inclusion of a number of important antioxidants such as vitamin C.

Strengthens heart health

It has many benefits in that it provides fiber to help reduce the rate of harmful cholesterol, potassium, which contributes to the control of the rate of pressure, and muscle-strengthening magnesium, and iron to improve the rate of production of hemoglobin.

Supports the health of neurons

By providing it with a lot of essential elements, the most important of which are magnesium, folic acid, vitamin C, betaine, choline, niacin, folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid. Thus, it helps improve sleep quality, increases concentration, and improves mood.

Promotes lung health

It includes a number of important nutrients to strengthen the health of immune cells in general, which is reflected positively on the reduction of the risk of respiratory disorders and support the ability to resist them, and several pieces of research have shown its effectiveness in this regard.

One example of this research has shown its effectiveness in reducing the severity of asthma symptoms in children.

Bananas can be served in a huge number of ways, but to enhance your children’s use of bananas, it is recommended that they are served as healthy as they are, or that they are not sweetened.

Note that there is no better way to encourage your children to eat it in a healthier way than to share it with them.

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