Child health prevention of cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the whole house begins to participate in a strong battle and they should be with their child to fight with him against the disease.

He was used to doing it, so the mother, father, and sisters had to provide activities he could do at home

Cancer is a disease that begins when a cell in the body turns into a cancer cell, where it divides and spreads in the body very quickly, and its concept goes to the nerve cells, and when the tissue grows and the tumor is formed, there are two types of tumors:

Benign tumors

They are very simple and non-cancerous and do not cause any harm to the body, can be immediately removed by surgery, and there is a probability of about 90% that these tumors will not form again, it should be noted that these tumors must be eliminated quickly so as not to turn into tumors Cancerous.

Malignant tumors are cancerous tumors.

Unlike benign tumors, they spread and divide fictitiously into new cells without plans, consciousness or even control. Their primary objective is to attack the cells and normal tissues in the human body and convert them into cancer cells and damage them.

When it affects the cells of a member of human organs completely stop working as well as affect the neighboring organs, as they transfer the infection from one organ to another so as to control the whole body

and children are more likely to develop cancer than adults and adults, and perhaps the most common cancer when Herds are your secret N blood, but there is an advantage when the kids have reversed adults that their bodies respond to treatment than adults.

Ways to prevent cancer in children smoking

Smoking, cigarettes, shisha and other methods of smoking and burning tobacco and nicotine are among the most dangerous chemicals that burn to spread smoke that harms the smoker as well as those around him

so you should stop the father and mother or any individual in the house or even the environment surrounding the child from smoking, and take into account keeping the sponsor from the smoke or places Shisha and other smokes are present, because it is one of the main causes that cause lung and respiratory diseases as well as cancer.

Environmental pollution

When taking the child by the mother or father to any place to take into account that the place is clean and as far as possible from environmental pollution to be one of the main causes of the child’s lung or skin cancer of the child’s inhalation of pollution and smoke as well as the skin imbibing toxins and pollution

so it is always preferable to maintain the environment for children to be clean and greener, and doctors advise sometimes if it is necessary to take the child in one of the unclean places must wear a mask on the face with the need to cover the skin.



Breastfeeding is one of the best and most powerful menstrual reactions that help to strengthen the immunity and protect the child from some fatal, difficult and chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart, and other very serious diseases. It is worth mentioning that there is a group of mothers who are satisfied with breastfeeding the baby for only one year, once the child is general The first mother stops breastfeeding completely, but doctors always advise to complete breastfeeding until the second year of life.

healthy food

The mother should always care to provide healthy and clean food to the child, preferably relying on home cooking and away from buying fast food or even canned food, because it is simply anonymous and the mother always takes into account the cleanliness of things during the work of food

also must clean balanced and integrated meals All the nutrients of various vitamins and nutrients and healthy acids as well as minerals and other nutrients necessary to strengthen immunity and help the child to developmental and natural skills.

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