Food and nutrition and its relationship to healthy living

Know the importance of food and nutrition, “a healthy mind in a healthy body,”

the previous wisdom and is still a lesson to make us aware of the importance of getting that daily portion of food; to enjoy our body’s health and wellness. And to recognize the importance of what we supply our bodies of food

The importance of food and nutrition in a healthy life

There are many nutrients, and the forms of food in which they appear, which is keen to all interested in recognizing the great benefits of these forms, and how to eat them properly.

Definition of food and nutrition

Food is defined as everything that enters the body through the mouth to be eaten or drink. It is either natural (such as vegetables, fruit, eggs, yogurt, fish, meat, etc.), processed, or cooked from all that is natural according to certain rules and regulations (pasta, tuna, margarine, etc.).

As for nutrition is the process that results in the benefit of the body; as a result of eating food that contains all the elements of health and beneficial to the body, such as (vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy, juices, legumes, cereals, etc.).

The importance of proper nutrition beneficial to the growth of the body

Healthy people are interested in following up their nutritional lives by learning about the latest health systems to lose or gain weight, as well as ways of preparing and serving food in a useful way and trying to identify the right food for each age group, or a medical condition.

Therefore, there are some foods that are indisputable for all ages because they are responsible for physical and mental development, and are also responsible for the prevention of diseases, as well as for the functioning of all vital processes in the human body efficiently.

The most prominent of these foods are:

Vegetables and fruits:

These foods are associated with all stages of life; they are the richest source of vitamins, mineral salts, and natural sugar. Therefore, many mothers prefer to prepare for children boiled, mashed, or as a juice so that they can eat fruits and vegetables naturally and recommend for their ability to cope with many diseases and treat many of them as well.

Carbohydrates: These are concentrated in some vegetables such as potatoes, cereals processed pasta, and is also found in rice.

Carbohydrates are responsible for gaining weight and providing the body with the energy necessary to continue mental and physical activity properly, and the most prominent elements contained in carbohydrates and sugars.

Dairy products:

Cattle such as cattle, buffalo and goats, are the most important sources of access to milk, which is based on multiple industries such as cheese, butter. It is responsible for the growth of the human body, particularly its skeletal structure, as well as the formation of the brain.

Red and white meat: It is one of the food sources responsible for the formation of muscle structure, for the construction of all cells in the human body, for healing wounds, and stimulate the brain to work well, and can be relied on by sea fishing, or livestock that have been cared for barns or farms or the valleys.

The importance of nutrition in healthy life

This relatively recent trend has emerged strongly from a “healthy diet”, which relies on a long-term healthy diet, to become one of the modern-day aspects of life.

Among the most prominent of this healthy diet is the use of detox, mint water, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes, which are drank after being kept overnight in the refrigerator to remove all toxins from the human body.

The diet also depends on the lack of deprivation, but reduce the amount of food as much as possible, and eliminate if possible some unhealthy patterns in the preparation of food, such as fast food, which depends on frying and frying or eating roasted entertainers, and high-calorie desserts

A healthy diet also tends to balance food between the three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), exercise, and follow positive and healthy habits such as maintaining adequate sleep periods, and commitment to the number of hours of work is not excessive and excessive, and the participation of people with the same style Life.

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