Symptoms of skin cancer

With the development of science, many of the problems experienced by man today, especially health problems, whether in the treatment or finding appropriate ways to live with them or overcome the disease and diseases that have received special attention by international health organizations Lethality is the number one in terms of risk in the 21st century, it affects the whole human life

Cancer is a serious problem because its symptoms appear only in the late stages of the disease after a full outbreak in the body if the disease is cancerous and destroys the human health is very high cancer cells spread very quickly in the final stages, while they initially take time to appear Delays treatment, which is a problem which requires special attention in one way or another

Factors that increase the risk of developing the disease:

Frequent exposure to the sun directly, especially in sunny times when the sun’s ultra-red rays or exposure to light from tanning devices
Genetic or genetic factors increase the risk of developing the disease
Frequent smoking

Symptoms of melanoma:

The appearance of a new mole in the skin or changes in the body of the old mole is one of the most obvious symptoms and a sign of cancer This failure to heal wounds naturally, but at the same time is one of the least dangerous types of cancer on human life.

The appearance of a solid red texture on the face, mouth, ear, hand, or a scar with a flat surface covered by a crust that appears on the face or the back of the neck, in the arms or hands.

Severe skin rashes, minor cuts in the skin, whether red, white or blue or tuberculous appearance.

Wounds do not heal quickly and tend to dark color especially in the hands.

The desire to rub the skin with the appearance of holes with strange shapes in the skin and may accompany.

Some symptoms occur as bumps on the skin or redness in certain parts of the skin or elsewhere, an inflammation different in its form from the natural inflammation where it is more severe and concentrated in one place and the person is very itchy frequent and inflammation occurs in the skin Continuous It is the most important characteristic of the disease in addition to the appearance of red spots or blue spots on the skin or the appearance of some holes on the skin and in the case of these symptoms should refer to the doctor as soon.

Skin cancer in children

It can be said that cancer that affects the skin is an abnormal proliferation of cells and tissues that make up the skin and is often caused by the intensity of sunlight and that anyone exposed to skin cancer, including children, especially those who remain for long periods in the sun, especially in the sun at noon so It is very important to use sunscreen by children because they love to stay long so it is important to reduce the crossing of the rays to the skin or by not going out in the hot sun.

The importance of periodic inspection

It should be noted that skin cancer may not cause any symptoms in the initial stages so it is important to consult a specialist for a clinical examination in order to detect the symptoms of the disease or a microscopic examination to see the symptoms that can not be seen with the naked eye and the periodic examination to ensure the safety of the person Suitable for any age and anyone, whatever their condition

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that are not related to a certain age. Healthy.

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