AIDS .. Symptoms, and ways of infection

AIDS is one of the most dangerous and widespread diseases around the world. It is also a great danger to the patient’s life. In many cases, lives are lost due to this disease because it has no cure so far. In order to end the suffering of many carriers of this disease

AIDS for the first time in 1981 on two homosexuals and in that period no one knew this virus yet, doctors could not diagnose in that period was not known symptoms such medicine at the time not even the name of the disease or its causes.


The AIDS virus destroys the cells of the immune system of the infected body, which makes them completely stop functioning, causing the deterioration of the person’s health condition and then become infected with the immune deficiency, and this situation occurs when the immune system in the body is unable to fight infection and diseases. Associated with severe immunodeficiency, they are called opportunistic infections, where they exploit the weakened immune system in the body and attack it immediately.

Symptoms of AIDS

In this article, we present the symptoms and ways of getting AIDS

Since the beginning of AIDS until now, nearly one million people have died of this serious disease, and it is assumed that more than ten million people will die of this disease this century, with an annual rate of about 40 million people, and scientists have divided the number of deaths from the virus AIDS has proved that every minute a person dies around the world as a result of this serious illness.

Symptoms of AIDS:

– Lymph nodes begin to inflation and last like this for more than three months.

A significant weight loss occurs.

Patients often feel very tired and tired.

– The patient loses his appetite and desire to eat.

Most of the time the patient suffers from persistent diarrhea.

– The patient’s temperature rises continuously and significantly.

– During the night the patient shows signs of severe sweating while feeling constantly headaches.

– Persistent itching.

Spleen enlargement often occurs in AIDS patients.

– Menopause in women who have been infected with the virus.

– Ways of AIDS:

There are many ways and factors that cause this serious disease, perhaps the most important is sexual contact with a person who is already infected with the virus, and this disease is transmitted through the use of needles or tools piercing the skin of a patient infected with the virus, in the case of pregnant women infected with HIV, it is transmitted to The fetus directly during pregnancy or childbirth or even in the period of breastfeeding, as the virus is transmitted by transfusion of blood from an infected person to another healthy person.