The new treatment eliminates breast cancer in 11 days

The team of British doctors at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam has devised a new therapeutic technology aimed at the elimination of breast cancer.

The team announced that the results were promising, which gives hope to many women suffering from breast cancer and chemotherapy and its multiple side effects.

The team said that the cancer response to the new treatment had not seen before, which will save the lives of thousands of women who develop breast cancer annually. Especially HER2 type, which is rapidly spreading.


The study included giving a group of women in 23 hospitals in Britain who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer of the type of rapid spread and the results indicated that 87% of them have responded to treatment and that cancer cells have stopped growing and spread. Surprisingly, 11% of the women who received treatment had completely disappeared, while the size of the tumor decreased by 17%.

 New treatment

The new treatment combines two existing cancer drugs, Tykerb and Herceptin. 3 cm before treatment, they found that the tumors had completely disappeared in some women. The study leader, researcher Nigel Bandard, a surgeon of cancer tumors at the University of Manchester, said:

“The disappearance of a cancerous tumor in just 11 days is unique and an amazing result and unprecedented before.”

Herceptin was previously used in combination with chemotherapy to treat women with HER2 breast cancer after surgery to prevent a recurrence.

Tykerb, also known as Lapatinib, was used in women with advanced breast cancer, which affects other parts of the body besides the breast.

By giving both drugs, especially in early diagnoses, scientists found the disease could be completely eliminated.

Perhaps the most important feature of this treatment is the speed of cancer response in just 11 days since the introduction of the two drugs, which is an unprecedented breakthrough in breast cancer research.