9 ways to cure thinness quickly

Obesity and thinness problems are frequent in many people, and we find those who are trying hard to get rid of excess weight while others try to get the number of extra kilograms to reach the ideal weight.

In fact, excessive thinness is a big problem for many, such as the problem of excess weight, and the most important factors that cause thinness is the lack of sufficient energy to gain from food, and the lack of adequate amounts of food also causes the problem of an excessive thinness.

On the other hand, there are people who eat large quantities of food, but at the same time suffer from a severe lack of weight, which is due to certain diseases that make it very difficult to absorb the food or the presence of genetic causes.

There are several ways to help you gain weight easily and without the side effects mentioned in this article:

  • 1 – It is necessary to know the number of calories in all types of food you eat and calculate how much the body needs every day during meals.
  • 2 – It is recommended to eat foods that contain a high proportion of proteins where they work to increase the proportion of fat as they help in the reconstruction of tissues in the body and strengthen muscles and bones.
  • 3 – foods rich in fat is one of the most important elements that help a lot in weight gain, so prefer to be careful to eat those foods to gain weight quickly but without excessive so as not to cause harmful side effects to the body.
  • 4 – Whole milk helps a lot in weight gain and foods rich in spices and starches a lot of help in obtaining the ideal weight.
  • 5 – eating several meals during the day it is necessary for multiple meals a day, even if they are in small quantities.
  • 6 – Make sure to eat liquid foods as the digestive system absorbs liquid foods more than solid or solid foods.
  • 7 – eating different types of natural juices, especially those that contain high calories and sugars.
  • 8 – It is recommended to eat rice and starches in large quantities it helps a lot in weight gain and provides the body with the energy it needs during the day.
  • 9 – There are many medications available in pharmacies that help to open appetite and weight gain and have no harmful side effects on the body, can be taken as a solution to get rid of the problem of an excessive thinness.
  • Causes of excessive thinness:

– The cause of excessive thinness may be a genetic factor for the family.

– Hormones play a large role in human weight and when there is a defect in the work of one of the glands in the body, especially those related to weight and fat burning problems occur excessive thinness or obesity.